August 14, 2009

White collar crime is an issue that our government takes very seriously.  We are looking at further options, including legislating mandatory prison sentences for white collar crime.  Since forming government in 2006, the Conservative government has consistently taken action to get tough on all types crime. 

New legislation was introduced in June that would restrict the use of conditional sentences, which often includes house arrest for a number of serious offences.  We want to make sure that those who commit serious crimes serve time in jail.

The changes being proposed to the Criminal Code would add new pre-conditions to ensure that house arrest is not available to individuals who commit serious crimes like:  Offences where the maximum sentence is 14 years or life; Offences where a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment is because of a result in bodily harm; Offences that involve in the import/export, trafficking and production of drugs or involve the use of weapons;  And offences like prison breaches, luring a child, criminal harassment, sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, trafficking in persons for material benefit,  abduction, auto theft, breaking and entering with intent, being unlawfully in a dwelling-house, arson for fraudulent purpose and theft of over $5000.

The opposition claim to support our tough on crime measures yet they do everything they can to gut, derail, delay or block our legislation.  In the last Parliament, when tried to change the laws on conditional sentences, the opposition gutted our provisions to deny house arrest for serious crimes such as fraud and theft over $5,000.  Because of their shameful actions, someone convicted of such crimes could end up serving their sentence in the comfort of their home.  Nevertheless, we will not stop our fight to put criminals, including white collar criminals, behind bars. We just hope that the opposition will support our measures when the time comes. 

Until Next time. . .

Earl Dreeshen, MP
Red Deer