July 25, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. I have had the opportunity to see thousands of riding members throughout the local parades, festivals, and Canada Day activities. I am encouraged by the response to our new Conservative Leader and the direction our caucus is taking as the voice of the taxpayers. Based on the feedback I have been receiving from constituents in Red Deer – Mountain View, I am confident that we will continue to focus on jobs, the economy, public safety, communities, and holding the government to account on Liberal entitlement.

Omar Khadr Settlement

As you know, Justin Trudeau refused to tell Canadians just how much of their money he gave to Mr. Khadr while also offering an apology to him. According to a public opinion poll, 71% of Canadians disagree with the Prime Minister’s secret payout. That is why it is imperative that Conservatives continue to call out the Liberals for falsely shifting blame for their choices to the previous government.

Canadians know Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision is wrong. We believe in supporting our military forces, not the terrorists who target them. 

Justin Trudeau made this payment in secret and has refused to answer questions about his choice to make a convicted terrorist a millionaire. That is why Conservatives will force a debate on the payout and hold Justin Trudeau accountable for his decision.

Here is what we still do not know about Justin Trudeau’s secret deal:

o  Why did Justin Trudeau rush to payout a convicted terrorist while knowing it could make it harder for Sergeant Speer’s widow to seek justice for her husband’s death?

o  Why did Justin Trudeau not insist that a former supporter of Al Qaeda prove his claims in court?

o  Why won’t Justin Trudeau tell Canadians how much money he gave to a convicted terrorist?

o  Why did Justin Trudeau refuse to disclose the details about the payout when asked directly?

Our thoughts continue to be with Christopher Speer’s widow and family, who must relive their ordeal every time this issue comes up in the media.

Liberals Exploring Increased Taxes on Small Businesses

On July 18, the Minister of Finance announced his intention to change the tax structure affecting small and medium sized businesses. The government is launching a 75-day public consultation on the proposed measures.

Conservatives agree that Canada’s tax system should be fair; however we are concerned that the proposed changes may negatively impact hardworking small and medium-sized business owners who play by the rules and create jobs in their communities.

We fully agree that the tax system should be fair and equitable for all. Conservatives support policies that reduce the tax burden for small and medium-sized businesses, reduce government red tape and allow entrepreneurs to create jobs in their communities.

We will be participating in the consultation process to ensure that the voices of hardworking small and medium-sized businesses owners are heard. Right now there is an email set up to seek public feedback on the issue If you want your voice heard, please take part in this consultation and copy my office at

We know that Liberal tax hikes (higher small business tax rates, increased payroll taxes and a new carbon tax) are making it more difficult for entrepreneurs to maintain and grow their businesses.

We already know Justin Trudeau’s position on small and medium-sized businesses. During the election campaign, Trudeau stated that a “significant proportion” of small businesses serve as a screen for wealthy Canadians who want to avoid paying taxes.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen

Twitter: @earl_dreeshen
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