September 20, 2013

September is always a busy and interesting month in Central Alberta. Farmers are working day and night to get their crops off and families are settling into the new school year routine. Usually, the House of Commons is also reconvening as well and although the start of session has been delayed, there is still a tremendous amount of working being done by our Government. I am pleased to bring you an update.


A quick word about prorogation. There has been some negative language and misinformation used by opposition parties and many media outlets in talking about prorogation. Proroguing Parliament is a normal practice in a Parliamentary Democracy. After two and a half years of majority government and after accomplishing many of the priorities outlined in 2011, it is time for a new Throne Speech. While prorogation may be painted as a negative, relatively new phenomenon – it is interesting to note that at 834 days, the previous session was the longest without prorogation since the Mulrooney/Campbell Government of 1991-93.

My Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-444 an Act to Amend the Criminal Code (personating a peace officer or other officer) will be able to continue as well. Since the Bill passed 3rd reading – it is deemed to have been passed again and will continue making its way through the senate

Strengthening Measures Against Child Exploitation

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a serious crime that affects the most vulnerable members in society.

Building on the recent announcement that the Conservative Government will increase penalties for child sexual offences, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced additional measures that will better protect children from sexual exploitation in Canada and abroad. The proposed measures aim at preventing the exploitation of approximately one million children internationally exploited by sex tourists and traffickers each year. These measures will require offenders on the National Sex Offender Registry to notify officials when travelling outside of Canada and will improve information-sharing between police and border security.

Supporting Job Creators

Recently, Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, announced that our Government is freezing the Employment Insurance (EI) rates that employers and employees pay for the next three years. This move is expected to save taxpayers $660 million in 2014 alone, and will support more job creation and continued economic growth all across the country.

Cracking Down on Tax Cheats

Helping ensure Canadian businesses compete on a level playing field is not only essential for our continued economic growth, but also helps keep taxes low for everyone. Unfortunately, tax cheats threaten Canadian prosperity by hurting law-abiding Canadian businesses and taxpayers.

That’s why our Conservative Government recently announced new measures to help combat tax cheats and their use of electronic suppression of sales (ESS) software. ESS software is used by businesses to illegally underreport their profits and avoid paying taxes, resulting in lost revenue. Our Government’s latest measures introduce tougher penalties for companies that use software to suppress sales records. This will help deter businesses from using ESS software, and will help ensure effective punishment for those who do.

These are just a few of the most recent initiatives of our Government this fall. I look forward to the upcoming Throne Speech and continuing to support Central Alberta and all Canadians.

Until next time

Earl Dreeshen,

MP Red Deer