December 03, 2013

A few short weeks away from Christmas and the winter season has already been in full swing thanks to an unprecedented month and a half of snowfall that doesn’t seem to be to be going away anytime soon. I hope everyone is able to stay safe on our roads and is doing their best to be good neighbors this upcoming holiday season.

Most of the past month I have spent in Ottawa where we have been discussing several important Bills aimed at increasing the safety of Canadians and protecting victims of crime.

Bill C-444 an Act to Amend the Criminal Code (personating a peace officer or other officer)

On November 21, 2013, my Private Members Bill was moved in the Senate by the Honourable Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais, a veteran Quebec police officer. I look forward to following the debates in the Red Chamber. After receiving unanimous support in the House of Commons, I am confident that the Senate will also see the merit in passing this bill into law.

Bill C-13 Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act

While bullying has always existed, modern technology gives bullies the ability to humiliate and intimidate their victims in front of the entire world. As recent tragedies have shown, cyberbullying has the power to destroy lives and communities. That’s why our Government has introduced legislation to crack down on these cyberbullies and stand up for victims.

The proposed legislation would:

  • ban the non-consensual distribution of intimate images
  • empower the courts to order the removal of intimate images from the internet
  • permit the court to seize the computer, cell phone or electronic device used in the offence
  • provide reimbursement for victims
  • impose a maximum penalty of five years in prison

These measures send the message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

Bill C-14 Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act

As a part of our ongoing commitment to better protect Canadians, our Conservative Government is reinstating the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act. The legislation was introduced in the previous parliament and has been brought forward to continue through the legislative process, as we seek to make public safety the paramount consideration during the decision-making process for persons found to be Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder.

It proposes creating a “high-risk” designation which would block the release of those that may pose a danger to their victims or the general public, without jeopardizing their ability to receive treatment. It will also enhance victim involvement in the process and give them a more effective voice.

My colleagues and I in the Government Caucus continue to support victims and everyday law abiding Canadians. Through the Bills mentioned above, along with dozens of other bills and regulations over the past 7 years, our Government will help ensure that the rights of victims and the safety of the public always come first.

Until next time

Earl Dreeshen,

MP Red Deer