November 01, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween and all the little ghosts and goblins made it home safely filled with memories and candy. Ottawa has had its own scary stuff going on that I wanted to provide an update on.

Conflicts of Interest – Ethics Violations

On the heels of Minister Morneau’s attempts to raise taxes on small business owners, professionals, farmers – a great deal has been learned about his personal finances and the ethics violations he has found himself in.

There is something new every day, but just to recap a few of the highlights. He continued to hold a large number of shares in Morneau Shepell, a company that deals directly with government and stands to benefit directly from pension legislation that Minister Morneau himself tabled. He failed to disclose the holding company through which he owned a French villa. And just this morning, November 1, it was made public that he was fined under the Conflict of Interest Act.

The Prime Minister continues to stand behind the minister’s conduct and offer defences of these clear breeches of public trust.

Energy East

In October, it was announced that the Energy East pipeline proposal had been withdrawn. This announcement is not a result of any decision taken by TransCanada, but instead a result of Justin Trudeau’s mismanagement and failure to champion the Canadian energy sector.

Over the past two years, Justin Trudeau introduced new regulations on Canadian energy projects, and forced Canadian oil companies to comply with standards that are not required for foreign companies like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, that export oil to Canadian markets.

When Conservatives form government, we hope TransCanada will try once more to advance this nation building project that creates thousands of Canadian jobs, and helps export Canadian oil to Canadian provinces, and around the world.


Earlier this year I was named to the International Trade committee. As part of this new role, I have been working closely with Canadian industry and our counterparts in the U.S. regarding NAFTA and some of our other bilateral trade issues.

My colleagues and I are taking a ‘Team Canada’ approach as long as the Liberals keep the focus on job creation, securing market access and levelling a playing field. We are focused on ensuring Canadian’s get the best deal possible.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen
Twitter: @earl_dreeshen
Facebook: @EarlDreeshenMP