January 26, 2016

This week my colleagues and I are back in Ottawa to continue the 42nd Parliament. The government has signalled its priorities, repealing Conservative citizenship reforms that allowed the government to revoke citizenship from dual citizens convicted in terror related crimes and repealing two private members bills that place oversights on unions including forcing them to disclose to their members how they are spending union dues. I believe these priorities are seriously misplaced and will continue to advocate for the priorities of Central Alberta, our economy and public safety.

Energy East Pipeline

Last week, the Mayor of Montreal made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. He, along with dozens of other Quebec mayors announced they will stand opposed in attempts to reject any construction of the Energy East Pipeline.

The project represents over $15 billion in private investment that will provide thousands of jobs in Alberta and across the country. It is estimated that the project will improve our GDP by $55 billion and increase Canada’s oil dependency. Montreal and many parts of Eastern Canada currently rely on millions of barrels of foreign oil from dictatorships and countries with vastly inferior environmental protections, while these mayors reject oil from Alberta.

The short sighted mayors have been roundly criticized by people across the political spectrum. The government has the ability to exert considerable influence on this project and I will continue to push them to do just that.

Anti ISIS Combat Coalition

By now, you’ve probably heard that Canada was not invited to a meeting of the allied nations working together to stop ISIS. Only six months ago then Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson hosted an international meeting in Quebec City to discuss the military and political aspects of the mission against ISIS. Today, we are not even welcomed to have a seat at the table.

While our coalition partners are stepping up their efforts to degrade and defeat ISIS, the Trudeau government is seen by our allies as stepping back, rather than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Prime Minister Trudeau has still not explained how pulling our CF-18 fighter jets out of the fight against ISIS is helpful to our coalition partners. The Liberals have proclaimed that Canada is back on the world stage.  In reality we are being forced to sit back while our allies battle to defend our shared values.

Mobile Office Update

A reminder that mobile office will be in at Olds Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 3 and at the Innisfail Legion on Wednesday, February 17. Hours are from 10-2 on both days. Either myself or my staff will be on location to gather thoughts, comments and concerns from the community on my behalf.

This past week I took part in the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Vancouver. I will provide further information on the results of that meeting in next week’s issue.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen