February 08, 2016

As January has come to a close, the focus of the Conservative Official Opposition has remained jobs and the economy as well as security for Canadians home and abroad. My colleagues and I spent the last week fighting for the government to understand the challenges facing Alberta and the West. The government needs to recognize that after decades of being the economic engine for the country, now is the time that we need help from our partners in Confederation. Below are a few thoughts on some of the pressing issues in Ottawa and in Central Alberta.

Pipeline Review Measures Changes

Natural Resource Industries have spent millions and in some cases billions of dollars towards what they believed was a predictable process. To change the rules on them mid-application is no less than the government operating in bad-faith. This Liberal government talks about deep and meaningful consultation. How much meaningful consultation with workers has actually taken place since the Liberals formed government?

Some interest groups will oppose at any cost. Except for an outright no, there is no process that will ever satisfy the special interest groups whose goal it is to oppose any development of Canada’s natural resources. These new requirements send a terrible message to those working in our resource sector. This proposal will unnecessarily delay the processing of applications and will not in any way contribute to the growth of our economy.

These additional burdens send a negative message to investors at a time when those same investors are already concerned about the investment climate in Canada, and at time when our resource sector is in dire straits.  This decision just means that Justin Trudeau can deny every single pipeline proposal presented to his government.

This Liberal pattern of dismissing our country’s natural resource sectors is alarming and shows disregard for Canadian families who depend on the success of these sectors.

Lifting Sanctions on Iran

Last week, the Liberals announced their intention to remove Canada’s economic sanctions against Iran and to reopen of a Canadian embassy in Tehran. The intention to end sanctions against Iran and enter into talks to re-establish diplomatic ties marks the end of Canada’s principled stand against a regime that should not be openly trusted. Given the regime’s history of directing and permitting attacks on foreign embassies and threatening ambassadors with assassination, we remain highly concerned about the safety and security of Canadian diplomats should the Liberals reopen an embassy in Tehran.

In addition, Conservatives remain highly skeptical about Iran’s intentions regarding its nuclear program, especially when they are continuing to develop their ballistic missile weapon regime. Iran’s past intentions on nuclear proliferation, its continuing state-sponsorship of terror and groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, coupled with its abysmal human rights record raise serious questions about the rush to end sanctions. The regime in Tehran has said many things about their nuclear program, but they need to be judged by their actions, not their words.

Mobile Office Update

Last week was our first mobile office. I would like to thank the folks who did come out on a very cold day in Central Alberta. We are hoping the turnout continues to grow as we reach out to different parts of the constituency. Next Mobile Office will be at the Innisfail Legion on Wednesday, February 17 and then Sundre at the Greenwood Neighborhood Place on March 2. Hours will be 10-2 both days.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen