March 29, 2018

The first signs of spring are on the way and the spring sitting of the House of Commons has been heating up. There have been numerous developments in Ottawa that have forced the Conservative Opposition to hold the government to account.

Some of these include:

–       The Prime Minister’s illegal trip to the Aga Khan’s island. We still have seen no consequences for the Prime Minister breaking 4 federal ethics laws.

–       The new Trudeau values test that disqualified many non-profits from utilizing the summer jobs program to provide summer camps, feed the homeless, and provide charitable work in our communities. There are still court proceedings over the issue of violating Canadians fundamental rights.

–       The introduction of a new backdoor gun registry which will do nothing to address crime –but will make life harder for law abiding farmers and hunters. After 50 minutes of debate, the Liberals have already put time allocation on the bill.

–       The ongoing lack of leadership with the Trans Mountain Pipeline while the BC government continues their tactic of killing the project by delays.

–       The disastrous India trip designed as a family trip with a few photos ops to use on the campaign trail in 2019. More on the fallout below.

Atwal Affair and the Cover Up

The government of India, Liberal MP Randeep Sarai, Jaspal Atwal and Minister Freeland, have all refuted Justin Trudeau’s conspiracy theory that Mr. Atwal was planted at the Prime Minister’s events in India by rogue elements in the Indian government.

The Prime Minister has failed repeatedly to be honest with Canadians about the Atwal affair and the only other person who knows the truth is the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor.

Last week, the Liberals spent over 20 hours voting to protect the Prime Minister by preventing his national security advisor from providing information to parliamentarians.

Justin Trudeau has made it clear that he has something to hide. If he didn’t have anything to hide, he would allow his National Security Advisor to provide all Members of Parliament with the same information that was given to journalists.

Trudeau’s own Public Safety Minister has also repeatedly said that he cannot disclose classified information, but media reports suggest the briefing journalists received wasn’t classified information at all.

Canadians deserve to know the truth. What is the Prime Minister hiding? Conservatives will continue to call for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to be transparent with Canadians on these serious accusations.

Mobile Office Update

My staff will be in Cremona on Wednesday April 25th from 10-12 at the new FCSS building (106 1st Avenue East). If you have questions or concerns, this is a great opportunity to talk to my office directly. If you have any questions call 1-866-211-0959 or email

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen
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