September 21, 2016

In Touch with MP Earl Dreeshen

The House of Commons returned to regular business on September 19th. During the summer I was able to speak with hundreds of residents in Red Deer – Mountain View and some issues kept coming up time and again. Those key issues are jobs and the economy, combatting the proposed Liberal tax increases, and stopping the reckless spending and out of control deficits. Based on your feedback and the feedback of every day Canadians across the country – those priorities will form the basis of our opposition in Parliament this fall.

Upcoming Session

As a Conservative Caucus it is becoming abundantly clear that we are the voice of the taxpayer in Ottawa. We will be holding the government accountable for their uncontrolled spending. This uncontrolled spending is already leading to a shocking amount of reckless and entitled Liberal waste of taxpayer dollars.

As the bill for Liberal spending and waste comes in, we will hold the government accountable for their betrayal of middle class Canadians with tax hikes on students, kids’ sports and arts activities, charities and families.

We will also be holding the government accountable and raising very serious questions about the motive and lack of information surrounding a potentially dangerous military deployment to Sub-Saharan Africa under the guise of so-called “peacekeeping”.

On your behalf, we will continue to oppose a Government that has shown shocking arrogance and elitism, has not been transparent and isn’t interested in the views of everyday working people and their families – especially when it comes to electoral reform.

Our team is firmly looking forward, and Canadians can count on us to look out for them… and their pocket book. 

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

As the vice chair for the Industry, Science and Technology Committee – I have been asked to accompany a parliamentary group to the OECD Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators being held in Belgium from September 19-21. One of the purposes of the forum is to discuss evidence gaps in science and innovation as well as initiatives the international community can take to address data needs in this area.

I will be providing more details on what we discussed once I return. For more information or for a live stream of the conference, you can visit

Mobile Office Update

The next mobile office will be on Tuesday October 4th at the Benalto Leisure Centre from 10-12 noon. Please feel free to bring any questions, concerns, or comments to our attention.

Please consider this a reminder that the deadline for submitting your survey answers regarding electoral reform is fast approaching. Please have them mailed or brought to my office by September 30th.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen