February 03, 2017

Parliament has returned to session and in the next few months we will continue pushing forward with our priorities as the conservative caucus. Those priories are clear:

  • To be the voice of the taxpayer.
  • To continue to be the only party to oppose the Liberal agenda of uncontrolled spending and deficits that has already led to higher taxes.
  • To hold the Liberals accountable for their misguided and risky economic plans.

Electoral Reform

On February 1, the Liberals indicated that they would be breaking his election promise that 2015 would be the last election held under our current system. Our party entered the discussion on changes to the electoral system with a principled position: that when you change the rules of democracy, everyone gets to have a say.

The Liberal government mishandled the electoral reform file from day one. With the process in tatters, our leader said late last year that it was time to set the discussion aside, and focus on the real priorities of Canadians. We are glad the government took our leader’s advice to park electoral reform. Our position remains that any change to the way we elect Members of Parliament must only be decided in a referendum.

Taxes Continue to Rise Under the Liberals

Since being elected on a platform of “cutting taxes for the middle class”, Justin Trudeau has continued piling new taxes onto Canadian families. He is bringing in a new carbon tax and a CPP tax hike. He already slashed tax-free savings accounts, and eliminated tax credits for kids’ soccer and dance classes, as well as textbooks. He’s even considering taxing Netflix. An idea the Liberals floated recently was to tax Canadians’ health and dental benefits. Given the visceral and widespread condemnation of the idea, it’s not surprising that Trudeau on Tuesday appeared to be backing away from it.

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to get serious about lowering taxes, especially as Donald Trump moves forward on a massive tax-cutting program in the United States.

Mobile Office Update

Our next Mobile Office will be in Sundre at the Greenwood Neighborhood Place on Tuesday February 7th from 10am-12 noon. Please feel free to bring any questions, comments or concerns to my staff at that time.

Sincerely your Member of Parliament,

Earl Dreeshen